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About Babson Zotto

Designer-artist Babson Zotto is always looking out for new, innovative ways to satisfy customers and this is exactly where his story begins.

Fashion is everywhere, but to find a pair of Jeans, a Tshirt,  a Hoodie, … that really fits your body is a serious battle and if you have seen one, it’s often not flattering.
That is the motivation for Babson Zotto, to re-invent Premium Quality, Bodyshaping and Fashionable items, and that’s exactly what he did.
He started experimenting – in an almost obsessive way. These passionate experiments gave Zotto a deep understanding of the construction of Jeans, Tshirts, Hoodies, …
His ingenious designs in combination with the latest production technologies, make every single Babson Zotto item stand for Durable Perfect Fit Fashion for Men and Women.
On top of that, they are Chic and Stylish and make every single person feel confident and proud!

Babson Zotto