Brand Ambassadors Wanted

Is fashion your passion ? Is social media your lifestyle ? Do you love free products ?

Babson Zotto is always looking for the right kind of people to share our image and our brand values.
We want you to be noticed and to encourage people to live life to the fullest.


You are fashion-focused, you have the talent and the looks to create fashion and clothing content on popular social media platforms, you are engaged in promoting a stylish lifestyle which you’re able to combine with some sales skills.
Our brand is inspired by innovation, value, intelligence, customer satisfaction, independence and of course style. Therefore, we will only allow people that truly convince us, so show us your added value, show us what you are good at, show us you’re competitive and let us know your motivation.


Being part of the Babson Zotto family, we will help you get noticed.
We will support you to promote our brand and you will get the tools to share and promote Babson Zotto, including free items, personal discount code, etc… And of course, when something new comes, you’ll be the first to know.
Do you love Babson Zotto and you have a specific point of view ?

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